Building or considering a second story addition or room addition is great idea. These homes tend to keep their value and homeowners always tend to get sufficient ROI on any sort of home improvement projects. For those looking to relocate to the city and improve on their new home here this article addresses some of the facts that one should know regarding Carlsbad.

What can Carlsbad offer you?

Carlsbad, affectionately nicknamed “The Village By The Sea” by locals, is a beach resort city located just 35 miles north of San Diego. Home to attractions such as Legoland California and the Museum of Making Music, it’s five-star resorts and hotels are populated with visitors year-round. The beautiful southern California climate attracts vacationers young and old, who are eager to relax at the 7 mile stretch of Pacific Coastline that Carlsbad occupies.

Carlsbad’s 100,000 or so residents are rightfully proud of the city’s rich history and beautiful geography. Its story begins in the 1880s, when former sailor John Frazier began selling water from his well at the train stop. The water was found to be similar to that of famous spas around the world. Thus, the city earned its name after the famous spa in the Bohemian town of Karlsbad.

Residents of Carlsbad, CA should be aware of several important aspects of remodeling before going about setting their plan for renovation in motion. First, we strongly suggest that you attempt to make your home more energy efficient in the process of home remodeling in Carlsbad. Easy changes such as updating to energy efficient appliances, and adding insulation can dramatically decrease your energy bill, plus it’s good for the environment.  You can also determine where your house is leaking air and improve the seal to greatly cut back on energy. When the dust has settled, you can up knocking 30% off of your energy bill. You might be reluctant pay for all of these improvements upfront, but they will end up saving you lots of money in the long run.

Another piece of advice to keep in mind is to try to maximize your current living space rather than trying to expand. In fact, many homeowners who believe that they do not have enough space are simply not maximizing their use of the space that they currently have. By opening up doorways, knocking down awkward walls, or repurposing an old room, you can dramatically increase your effective living space.

Having said this, in certain instances a house is simply too small to meet your family’s needs. In these cases, it might be necessary to do some serious expansion. The best way to add space to your house, especially in California where the house typically occupies most of its lot, is to add a second story. This is becoming an increasingly more popular method of essentially doubling the size of your house in southern California. However, this process can be very involved, so there are many important things to consider if you are entertaining the idea of expanding vertically. It is important to be aware of your neighborhood’s regulations regarding this issue. You might run into trouble if your second story will obstruct your neighbor’s backyard view. These tend to be the most serious issues to consider when deliberating whether you want to add a second story onto your home.