Home Remodeling Questions

What are the services SJB Offers?

As a specialist remodeling contractor in San Diego, the scope of work includes mainly residential room additions, second story additions, cabinetry, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodels, Bobcat and Demolition Work, Decks and Patios, and Finish work.

Although SJB Construction has commercial projects as well these are usually less frequent and operates on a medium scale so prefers to do residential home improvement.

Typical Time Frame

Construction Projects can vary from time to time but some general time frames are

Room Additions – 6 months or longer depending on specs

Second Story Additions – 7-8 months or longer depending on specs

Kitchen Remodel– 4.5 months to longer depending on depth of project

-Bathroom Remodel – 1 month to longer depending on size, details, ect.

Cabinetry work – Usually no longer than a month to design, build, finish and install

Process of work

A team member or Steve Bollerman himself will greet you for an initial analysis on what your desired renovation may be. This process can take anywhere from an hour or more depending on depth of project.

Once an idea and dimensions are roughly agreed upon a plan of action is sketched out by the following week including exact pricing and specification that will be delivered. Time Frames as to when Payment and how much payment is to be collected are clearly outlined.

SJB Construction Inc. then will leave you with our estimate and encourage you to find other contractors to bid. SJB Construction Inc. believes in delievering the a service built to last for decades with a very competitive, fair price.