If you are considering any Room Additions in Coronado it may be a good idea to check out the Coronado City Hall website or office to get an idea of the potential permits needed to build. As a reference here are the main permits we at SJB Construction Incorporated have run across in our 30 years of serving over thousands of Room Addition , Second Story additions and other home renovations in the Coronado city region.

Building height– average height of roof’s highest ridge or average height of a parapet cannot exceed more than 10% of maximum building height permitted in zone.

Zoning wall or fence– 10-foot high (or less) solid masonry zoning wall may be required to be erected to separate any Commercial Zone or use from an adjoining Residential Zone

Encroachment-bay windows, pop out, ect encroach up to three feet into a required front or rear yard setback. The height of such encroachment shall not extend above the level of the first floor or exceed 13 feet.

Dealing with Room additions and 2nd story additions in Coronado are not the easiest in comparison to other cities in San Diego that require less permits and approval from the city. However, any professional contractor can inform you which permits are appropriate to your specific project in mind and be the liaison between yourself and the county. Call SJB Construction Incorporated to speak to a knowledgeable contractor with an A+ rating on BBB and fair prices and a long list of referrals.

Facts About Coronado

Coronado is a beautiful city in San Diego, California that has an island vibe and probably most well known to its predominance of navy influence. Coronado is Spanish meaning “the crowded one” which makes sense as the region has a population of around 25,000 residents but is connected to mainland by a 10 mile strip of beach known as Silver Strand.

The main attractions that usually bring tourism to Coronado are the Hotel Del Coronado. Built in 1888 it has brought famous celebrities such as; Muhammad Ali, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Regan, Bill Clinton, Bath Ruth, Thomas Edison and more! Valued at around $600 million, this historic
hotel is a must see for anyone visiting San Diego.