Are you interested in the idea of a Room Addition in Rancho Santa Fe? Building Permits are how San Diego County monitors construction so unfortunately your room addition will require some preliminary legwork through the city before a hammer and nail is in operation at your residence.

Here are some basic regulations that Rancho Santa Fe typically requires:

  • Depending on your project you may need: structural, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and combination.
  • Once a permit is obtained with the county SJB Construction Inc. will meet for an in depth consultation to brainstorm offer visual examples of past room additions  as a reference while going over your desired ideas to put into physical reality. Once you are comfortable and excited with the blueprints the county approved plans can be put into action. Any potential changes/differences in approved plans must re-approved if change of mind,ect.
  • If you are planning on building out an empty lot permits will be much greater.
  • SJB Construction Inc. has extensive experience building large acre houses building several homes from the ground up after both the 2003 and 2007 wildland fires.

Why SJB Construction Incorporated?

  • Over 30 Years of Experience
  • A+ Rating on BBB
  • 5 star review on Yelp
  • Long list of referrals
  • Competitive price and integrity of work
  • Focus on performance and quality versus gauging and change orders
  • Service and Transparency throughout the entire process


About Rancho Santa Fe
Rancho Santa Fe is located in San Diego County and known to be one of the highest income communities in the United States. The Santa Fe Railway was built in 1906 which sparked the need to grow eucalyptus trees in an attempt for railroad timber. Which Today residents can see as the area is known to be quite lush and full of vegetation. Rancho Santa Fe is an affluent area where may local athletes and white collared professional reside if they are in San Diego. Rancho Santa Fe tends to have a stronghold of Republican’s compared to other regions of San Diego. Being that Rancho Santa Fe is higher elevation and inland the location itself is accustomed to larger termperature volitility.


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