Why 3D Rendering?

3d rendering services offered by your general contractor can be the visualization and conceptual design plan that allow homeowners to feel comfortable about their room addition or second story addition before actual work scope is started. With 3d floor plans and architectural rendering services home-owners can change specifications on site and play with their ideal dimensions versus the antiquated approach of hand drawn plans that are fixed. SJB Construction Incorporated has found that clients are more satisfied if they have the opportunity to experiment a bit with their ideas and use creativity in their home renovation services. Design Rendering is a technique that has been around for years but is very advanced. SJB Construction Incorporated has an in-house design architect engineer whom is specialized in various cad programs. Cooperating with home-owners is essential to bring specifications to life. Our 3d rendering services are offered for our bigger projects such as room additions and second story additions. The process we take is first to visit the home in which building/renovation will take place. This process can vary in time. Appropriate questions and brainstorming is essentially to get all ideas out on the table. SJB Construction Inc. will then need adequate time to put these ideas into action which can range from 1-2 weeks typically. Upon formulation of one of our 3d Rendering services one of our contractors will setup an ideal time for all home-owners involved to present the formulated design. Also see our video of the process if curious!