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Kitchen Remodeling In San Diego

The kitchen is a focal point in a home and often the first room that comes to mind when it comes to remodeling the home. Providing a sense of comfort is important since the kitchen is also one of the most trafficked rooms; adding plenty of lighting and storage space, updating old appliances and redoing the floor can add a personalized elegant touch. In addition to the obvious benefits of remodeling this room the costs may also outweigh the risks;Daily Finance has listed the kitchen at number one in the top five best remodeling bang for your buck list.The numbers don’t lie – the annual Cost vs. Value report by Remodeling Magazine says the national average for a 2014 major kitchen remodel is $54,909. The resale value is $40,732 – a 74.2 percent cost recouped. For a minor kitchen remodel the national average is $18,856; the resale value is $15,585 – an 82.7 percent cost recouped.

San Diego residents will see an even more impressive return on investment for the 2014 year and those numbers are only expected to increase. The report says the Pacific area average for a major kitchen remodel is $62,163; the resale value is $40,732 – a 74.2 percent cost recouped. The average for a minor kitchen remodel is $21,554; the resale value is $22,336 – a remarkable 104 percent cost recouped! The timing may be better than ever to take advantage of the growing market and renovate your kitchen.

Value Of Custom Kitchen

• Custom Kitchen Designs are cohesive with the idea of marketing your home if you’re considering selling it.
• In the current growing market, the statistics about a promising ROI is evident and experts believe the numbers are only expected to increase.

Choosing to utilize green building materials and non-toxic products can increase a buyer’s interest as well if you are considering selling your home later. New government regulations are creating the widespread production of environmentally-safe materials. With the average home in America spending 20 percent of their electric bill on home appliances, installing energy-efficient ones can help homeowners save money.

Should I remodel it myself?

This is a common question every homeowner asks before remodeling any part of the home. As with any other major investment, choosing whether to take a project on yourself or whether to hire a contractor ultimately comes down to if the end will justify the means. However, the complexities associated with a major kitchen remodel may indicate that someone with little experience may be risking more than it’s worth to not hire a professional. There are many hidden components working together that need to be taken into consideration, such as: heating and cooling, insulation, ventilation, electrical, plumbing and much more. By making even a small change to any of these components, an expensive ripple effect can be created that will result in additional time and money being poured into the project.

SJB Construction Incorporated has crafted San Diego Kitchen Cabinets for over 30 years and has a fully-equipped shop to craft your ideal specifications and appropriate design. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss the pro’s and con’s of updating your kitchen to your desired standards.