Granite countertop installation

Why Choose Granite Counter-tops?

Granite is a very hard, natural product that is not susceptible to scratches or normal wear and tears that other surfaces may be susceptible to. It also resists heat, making it an excellent choice for kitchen prep. More than 20 shades are available, making it easy to complement existing cabinet colors. When properly sealed, it also resists stains and will not absorb liquids, which is also a sanitary choice for areas of the home that are most prone to germs.

Residents of San Diego who are interested in updating the surfaces in their kitchens or bathrooms may find that installing granite countertops could bring in an excellent percentage of return on investment this year. Granite delivers gorgeous aesthetics and offers timeless appeal to the majority of buyers. It can take high-quality kitchens or bathrooms to the next level, making -an attractive focal point of the room.

San Diego Granite Installing

SJB Construction handles all of the important aspects of your project, including the design process itself. We have handled thousands of projects and are known for our integrity and reliability. Choose SJB Construction for your granite counter-top updates that will improve both the look of your home and its resell value.

We can execute complete kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects that suit your personal style and preferences. We can also assist with minor kitchen and bathroom updates or perform an entire remodel that results in a dream kitchen you will love. Feel free to contact us today for a free quote!

Cost-Recoup Value in 2015

In addition to granite counter-top installation providing value in how your home looks and feels, it may also be a great time to receive a hefty return on your investment. Remodeling Magazine’s annual release of their “Cost vs. Value” report has indicated that 2015 will show an increase in value for all areas of home remodeling. Over 35 projects were taken into consideration and statistics signal an end to decreases in value that began in 2006. The report states that an increase was not reported until 2014 when the cost recouped ratio spiked to 66.1 percent.

For the first time in several years, the enhanced resale value of the renovated home had more of an impact on the statistics than construction costs did. Lowered costs have created an opportunity for across-the-board increases in the return on investment ratios. The most positive prediction about this year’s estimated cost-value ratios is that the rises in resale values in all areas are driving market improvements nationwide.
With estimates like these, choosing the perfect company to install your new granite countertops may be the only other issue left on the table. Selecting professionals who are reputation-worthy and accredited by the Better Business Bureau is easy; family-owned and operated SJB Construction Inc. has served the greater San Diego area with excellence for years.