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Second Story Additions in San Diego

Are you interested in adding more space to your home but constrained by a limited backyard or narrow property lines? Chances are if you are thinking about adding a second-story room addition in San Diego – you have begun entertaining versus looking into purchasing a new home.

Some considerations to make a note of:

  • Approval of city planning/building department on your blueprints
  • Most residential zones have maximum height ranges from 35 to 45 feet.
  • Typically it is at least 30% or more cost to building up (second story) versus adding that same square footage to the ground level.

Heating and air conditioning

Will you integrate your existing or need a new system?

Staircase Structural Change

Important structural change – Does the current structure have load-bearing walls to support the new improvement?


Is your existing plumbing cast iron and needing to be completely revamped? Old/Current Condition?


There will be more energy exerted so likely new electrical should be included in the plan. Energy Efficient For Tax Purposes?

What can you expect from an Experienced Contractor?

A good contractor will also understand how important footings and foundation structure is to move forward so the new weight of the second story addition will be properly supported. Footings will require reinforcement from an architectural standpoint. In essence, footings will be expanded to sustain the upper floor loads. This process is referred to as underpinning, where the idea is to dig under existing concrete footings typically with a bobcat, and pouring a new larger footing under the existing.

Benefits Of Second Story Additions

The benefit of adding a second story addition allows you to fully customize the space, from the design aspects to the layout. This option provides flexibility in that the design can be tailored to you and your family’s current needs, as well as any future needs that may arise. Because of the structural support that is necessary when adding a second floor, substantial changes can also be applied to the first floor simultaneously that otherwise would cost significantly more if you remodeled the first floor separately.

For example, if you’ve always dreamed of raising the ceiling in your entryway or living room, you will have the ability to do so during a second-story remodel. Golden Rule Schedule estimates with at least three contractors who have performed second story additions before; request references.

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Why Build now?

In 2022 there is a need to build as we are seeing a shortage in materials for homeowners with ever increasing inflationary times. This means that pre-planning and ordering materials is a smart decision as you can lock in current rates and ensure the project has proper material needed. We are also urging homeowners to get a head start as the building departments are backlogged from Covid-19 delays. If you are wondering whether it is a good time to start or not, please don’t consider residential real estate cycles above the current supply chain dilemma. We personally are trying to be ahead of these material shortages and lock in the best material pricing before things are more

Industry Statistics

The most recent data from Remodeling Magazine reflects a national average:

  • Second Story additions on average for 2022 cost $350-$400 per sq. foot. in San Diego, CA.
  • The resale value average still makes sense economically in 2022.
  • Cost recouped is approximately 62.4%.