SJB Construction Inc. owns a fully equipped Bobcat service and Dump Truck Service in the case our clients are interested in residential excavation.It’s as simple as just accounting for the extra time involved in each project versus using an outside contractor to hire in the case of demolition and hauling.


With green waste recycling an important issue for many clients these days, SJB Construcion Inc. takes all the necessary preliminary cautions to ensure mulch, green waste, lumber and debris are appropriately disposed for environmental safety legislation.

Some of past projects include:

  • Demolition/Hauling of existing patio slab
  • Bobcat service hire
  • Break and Removal of driveway foundation
  • Excavation and Grading of Dirt Lots (Cedar Fire Burn-Outs, New Home Construction)
  • Trenching for footings and foundations

If you are thinking of hiring additional equipment outside the scope of Demolition and Hauling, SJB Construction Inc. holds relationships with all major San Diego Equipment Supply companies. Just inquire when initial project scope is defined and you can be assured the proper equipment and oversight will be taken care of.