Kitchen Remodeling Company in San Diego

The kitchen is a focal arena for homeowners for several factors. Keep in mind as well as the kitchen is a busy area that truly holds the life of your entertainment. Below are some monetary guidelines associated with the benefits of a kitchen remodel. (Note: Material Costs and Regulations can cause increase of renovation pricing) – Minor kitchen remodels return 78% of their cost when a home is sold Major remodels return 73% Upscale projects return 63%

kitchen remodel in san diego

Usually Clients seek Custom Kitchen Designs to:

Renovate existing Cabinetry

  • If you’re looking simply to resurface cabinetry then it can cost 50% of your cabinet installation.
  • If your seeking to remove your old beaten down pine cabinetry then you can choose from a wide variety of wood such as: oak, maple, alder, hickory, cherry, birch, walnut, Rigid Thermofoil and more. Contact us and we would be happy to discuss the pro’s and con’s or which type of wood is salient to your desired remodel. SJB Construction Incorporated has crafted San Diego Kitchen Cabinets for over 30 years and has a fully equipped shop to craft your ideal specifications and appropriate design.

Increase the value of home

  • Custom Kitchen Designs are cohesive with the idea of marketing your home if your playing with the idea of selling your home (see statistics above)

The desire to want to feel great about where you live every day

  • Custom Kitchen Designs can revitalize your interior by adding a contemporary feel and fresh vibe that you may be lacking.


Kitchen Remodel Energy Efficiency and/or Redesign

  • Green building material supplies and non-toxic products; With new government conscious regulations these material are being produced as the government is introducing new standards.
  • As far as savings resulting from Energy Efficiency, the average American home spends 20 percent of their electric bill on home appliances and electronics.


Save on energy if desiring a custom kitchen remodel with:

  • Energy Star qualified appliances; These resource friendly appliances are good considerations for homeowners interested in energy efficiency.
  • Low flow faucets


This is a question many homeowners ask themselves for very good reasons. As with any major investment it ultimately comes down to whether the overall risk will justify the spend/expense. However, Custom Kitchen Designs and kitchen remodeling in general excluding some basic maintenance or small tasks, trying to act as a general contractor without experience is a very risky idea.Your home may look structured and static externally but there are many components working synonomously together such as; heating and cooling, insulation, ventilation, electrical, pluming and many more. By making a small change to any of these connections you may be risking an expensive ripple effect that could result in more harm than overall benefit. Call us today for advice on home renovation ideas or to hear what we can offer you!