planning a home addition

Planning A Home Addition?

Maybe a family member is staying with you for a while, and you’re tired of cramming everyone into your small kitchen. Or, due to COVID-19 you are working from home and ready to start your plans of building a master suite for yourself. Whatever reason you have for planning a home addition, the end idea is to achieve more space. Where do you start when thinking about building an addition? The basics include; having a budget, compiling ideas, and planning the actual building process.

The early stages of home additions begin from the starting point of having a proper foundation. These and other plan contingencies will influence the design and project at large. As a homeowner, considering a home addition, you should conserver making a list. A list will get the want, need, costs, design, and additional plans for your space together. A list helps you prioritize your goals while fostering effective communication between you and the designers, architects, or contractors. In addition to planning, you want to;

1.Identify your objectives

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

First, carefully consider why you want an addition, a room, or a new space—knowing the project’s objective guides the planning. You’ll likely want more living space, but you may be surprised that addition is not always the only option. Alternatively, you might be seeking more access to indoor and outdoor activities. Ultimately, knowing what problem to solve helps fine-tune your objectives. Here are some examples of things to consider;

  • The kitchen feels too cluttered and cramped.
  • The floor space is unappealing or misused.
  • The natural light in the room is poor.
  • Need an extra room for guests.
  • The room feels disconnected.

Needs and Wants

For people remodeling or building additions, wishes and realities are important factors, which sometimes carry a large gap. When you create a list of needs and wants it will guide your decision-making.

2.Create a pictorial representation of your addition plans 

Allow yourself some dream time to put your space into focus. Before you hire an expert, you may consider checking homeowners’ designs online. Furthermore, create a scrapbook with related pictures or plans from design magazines. Remodeling ideas and related home improvement elements could help too.

3.Check out some trending, geo-specific designs.