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Architectural Designs for 2014

In today’s home there are an array of exciting trends to consider when buying or remodeling your home. The kitchen is still hub, but it’s starting to get really bright. Find an escape from your busy world in a bathroom retreat. Flex rooms offer space with the changing family dichotomy. Find creative inspiration for all that stuff you’ve collected over the years. The green revolution continues aggressively with the growing popularity of a passive home.

Kitchen’s Bold Look

Kitchens continue to be the gathering place in the home and bold colors are offsetting those dark cabinet colors and stainless steel appliances. Warm colors like yellows and reds are popular appetite stimulators, while silver, blue and green hues offer mellower tones. Desks and study areas continue to make this space a place of multitasking, drawing in all of the members of the family.

kitchen remodel san diego, Tips & Tricks how to improve your homeThe Bathroom Retreat

Bathrooms are going the way of the spa, with multi-headed showers, steam showers or stand-alone tubs. Ceramic tiles are still popular; either muted, like the favorite white subway tile, or with bright and fun accents of color. Electronics have made their way into the bathroom with unique sound systems and flat screen TVs. High-tech also continues to advance with water-saving features like a low-flow toilet with either a .8 gallon or 1.6 gallons per flush.

Flex Rooms

Flex rooms are a growing trend in family homes. Baby boomers are a big part of this move, as the elderly population is choosing to live with family due to financial constraints. These rooms offer options such as changing a den into a music room, nursery or study. For new home designs builders add a flex room to give the owner more options with their space. A flex room can work as a multi-functioning room such as a guest room, TV room or office by installing hidden Murphy beds to make it a guest room and clever built-ins to hide a TV and computer.

Creative Storage

People continue to accumulate a ridiculous amount of storage, just look at all of the storage rental places. But finding a place for all of this stuff in the home is not always easy. What about turning a functional staircase into a collection of drawers? Designers are coming up with unique and creative ways to hide your stuff.

Passive Home

Reduction in the consumption of home energy continues to be a prevalent trend in architecture and passive homes are answering the call. These homes are very well insulated, nearly airtight, and are heated by passive solar gain and from internal gains such as people or electronics. A small source of energy provides any additional heat. This system saves up to 90% on heating costs and a ventilator provides a constant supply of fresh air.

Today Is Tomorrow’s Trend

Many trends in today’s home still embrace the qualities of family and comfort, but there is a lot of changes to make home living more exciting. Technology continues to lead in home design by creating unique advancements that allow for a simpler living while saving you money. As the family changes, so do the more flexible home, offering creative uses of space. Today’s designs offer you an upbeat, relaxing, storable, and cool home.

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