Air Conditioning For Second Story Additions

People make it a priority to take care of the items they own.  After all, everyone works quite hard to get the things they would like to increase their quality of life.  A car is a good example of an asset we maintain.  There is a lot of upkeep to allow us to have the freedom of transportation. We put fuel in our vehicle so it doesn’t run out of gas; we replace the tires, and complete oil changes.  Our cars can be a life line.  Our homes should be taken care of too and we must not overlook the maintenance that it needs to get the most out of our homes.

Ventilation for Second Story Room Addition

With summer heat coming in strong, air conditioning units need to be calibrated and dampers need to be converted from heat to let the flow of cool air flow throughout the home’s ventilation system.  When adding a second story project to your plate you have to consider the ventilation so you don’t have a hot upstairs.

One common fix it for second story home project is activating your air conditioning unit especially in older homes.  The cooler has been covered for the winter and it’s time for that tarp to come off.  Because the AC unit has been shut off for so long the filters have been stale and bacteria may have had an opportunity to build up in the fibers of the filter.  You don’t want to activate your AC without swapping these filters out and by not having the proper duct work leading to your upstairs project.  They are also known to become dry and brittle over the cool months so a fresh cut filter will do the trick.

Another minor second story house project that can be accomplished for the summer is to get the plumbing situated.  Bathroom additions are common for home projects and keeps people from trucking up and down the stairs.  A second story bathroom will offer the convenience and safety needed with the addition.  Make sure you don’t leave out the pipe work or you will have to rip out all of your hard work and start over.
It’s a good practice to flush your water unit at least once every year or even when you are starting a second story project.  You need to release the water pressure from your home when adding new pipes to the infrastructure to prevent injuries..  The problem is most home owners aren’t aware of this need so it’s often over looked.  When it becomes ignored debris and calcium build up can actually block the pluming making it harder for your water tank to produce enough pressure.

Key Factors 2nd Story Addition

Second story home additions are arguably the most valuable home improvement out there. As stated before a professional, licensed room addition contractor will not be able to even put on toolbags until local building departments give approval of zoning, building, and planning regarding blueprints.

Most structural engineers agree that Second Story Additions are feasible for nearly every homeowner. 2nd Story Additions can always be easier if the weight of the new improvement spans the distance of the house and majority of weight is framed to existing exterior walls.

Some considerations that your remodeling home  plan should account for however are related to age and condition of current structure. These can vary but predominately follow:

  • Load bearing Walls
  • Strengthen Foundation for build

Existing Heating and Cooling System ok?

Well based on 30+ years experience probably not. Adding more square footage to your household means you will need to supplement this with a higher capacity system or just invest in a new unit for the new second story plan.

Also think: Renovation is all about efficiency.If you have the contractor on site and running take advantage of this and try to kill two birds with one stone. It doesn’t make logical sense to purchase dual pane windows (energy efficient) to put in your new upstairs addition and keep your old, aluminum framed windows on the first story. They are less energy efficient, do not increase home value and probably cost more in the end regarding utilities..So if you are interested in a big investment such as a Second Story Addition consider possibly upgrading existing home materials like the example above.

Do not cheap out if considering a Second Story Addition!

Additional expenses may be important and should not be cut if you are going the full distance with your 2nd Story Addition. Siding and Stucco depending on age of  house may have a difficult time being replicated to existing exterior. Account for a full stucco bid if you feel the quality will have a hard time being matched. In the end you will be happy you paid an extra couple thousand for a home that looks great from the base to roof!

During the work what should I do?

It is a good idea and we always inform our clients that you should be prepared to relocate during the important major phases of your second story addition. Homeowners usually are aware this process is like a surgery on your property. Lets face it anyone that argues to be sedated during surgery can ultimately probably get aware with that but it may be best to listen to the professionals and be cooperative during the process.

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Building Trends for 2013

House Upturn starting to boost lumber prices

Overall trend of lumber has shown that there has been a steady increase in prices since the start of 2012. This study was essential based on a twenty city average for the most commonly used types of 2x4s to build (ENR, see link below).

Pricing are consistently inclining from low levels which was a result of housing market slump which as mentioned  before are now looking much more optmistic. Random Lengths reported as well that framing lumber prices are  up 18.4% over 2011. Framing Lumber is now hovering around $322 per thousand board foot. Another supporting statistic that is great for both General Contractors and the economy was released by the U.S. Department of Commerce is that the monetary value of new private residential renovations is up 15.5 % from previous year.

Other material Prices that are on the increase

  • Concrete and Asphault- Although not as impressive as lumber the bureau of labor statistics stated that ready-mix concrete as of November 2012 in up 2.3%.

Regional Experience

Although San Diego was one of the most impacted economies to take a plunge with the housing market these statistics seem to be aligned with the strength of interest in our services as of late 2012 and 2013. Off the cuff speaking SJB Construction Incorporated is still not experiencing the bull market of building which occured pre-2007. The norm seems to favor smaller remodels such as; Kitchen Remodels, Bathroom Remodels versus an overload of larger projects such as Room Additions and Second Story Additions. However, at bare minimum the general public seems to feel more comfortable about re-investment in their property. Most homeowners are begginning to realize their investment value will ultimately pay off as the world economy shapes up and building prices are rising.

Possible Implications

Taken from a list of the top 5 producers of lumber, Deltic Timber Corporation is listed below. One can draw their own conclusion but the direction of the stock seems to bear optimism. Keep in mind many other factors are involved in the stock market that are completely unrelated to the upward trend (financials of corporation, Div & Yield, P/E ratio, ect.), however at the same token factors such as potential growth opportunity and economic environment also should not be disregarded. Look at the general trend of purchase behaivor, despite one dip it looks like a steady increase from 2012.
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