Green Building Techniques

In today’s environment, it’s evident that eco-friendly building is not going anywhere. In fact, contractors who are environmentally conscious are being sought for two reasons: one they are aware of all the regulations and pre-screening of jobs prior to start and two families can have the peace of mind they are creating a home that is not dangerous to live in.

Although upfront costs are typically more for green building the savings over the long run on such things as energy and tax credits make this strategy an easy sell for many homeowners.

Here are a few items you should ask for/seek if you are remodeling and looking for an eco-friendly, sustainable project.

  1. Programmable Thermostat: Average life cycle is about 10 years and allows users to control costs/energy bills much easier than old school air conditioning.
  2. Aerosol Duct Ceiling: Very easy to install and prevents energy loss escaping the heating and cooling of your house.
  3. Structural Insulated Panels: If you are thinking of a conventional building this would replace the wall/framing by offering a panel that is made of OSB, Fiber Cement, and Plywood. Not only does this downsize the lumber requirement but also reduces air infiltration.

Keep in mind energy and green building is still a very new topic. Over the next decade, our society will not only be aware of how to be more conscious but more government incentives and innovation will make green building the only route to go. For more tips on green building, home remodeling, and home improvement follow us on Facebook or subscribe to SJB Construction Inc!

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