The Best Home Remodeling Ideas For Entertaining Next Year

Home remodeling contractors San DiegoDo you love to entertain at the holidays but feel your home lacks the right look, space or feel to accommodate a houseful of guests? There are plenty of easy remodel ideas to get your home holiday-ready for family and friends next holiday season.


Are you in the market for some new countertops? Granite countertops are rich-looking and extremely functional for entertaining. If your kitchen has space, adding a nice island can will you more cooking room for prepping for your gathering, and more serving-up space for goodies when guests arrive.

Good lighting in the kitchen is essential.

Overhead lighting is practical for overall kitchen light, while under cabinetry lighting is more functional for cooking tasks on the counters. If really love to entertain and whip up big meals for friends and family, consider upgrading your appliances to accommodate feeding larger groups of people. Stainless steel is always a hit, especially when it comes to resale value.

Dining room

A drab dining room doesn’t exactly give your guests a warm gathering place to eat their holiday meal. You can remodel your dining room with some simple changes to give it an eloquent, inviting appeal where guests can eat, mingle and enjoy the holidays with you.

Plain white walls

can give the room a sterile feel rather than a warm welcome. Add some color by painting the walls a darker color than the ceiling. If you don’t have trim or a chair rail, either will give your room a luxurious look and with a chair rail, you can two-tone your walls with a choice of lighter shade of paint above the chair rail and darker shade below.

Hanging an eloquent chandelier

above the dining table adds a dramatic look and focal point to the room. With light dimmers, you can control the amount of light for the type of entertaining you’re doing – brighter for more casual gatherings, and dimmer for more quaint.

Great room

The great room is where many people mix and mingle. You can remodel a great room starting with adding a warm splash of color to the walls. Create your focal points in the room, whether it be a large wall with large pieces of art, or your fireplace. You can change the look of your fireplace by adding a new mantle to give your fireplace a new appeal.

Arrange your furniture so guests can visit easily.

Not all rooms work best with furniture butted up against the walls. In larger rooms, bring furniture in closer to create a more quaint setting for visiting.

Have room for a free-standing bar?

It’s not always easy running back and forth to the kitchen to keep your guests’ drinks refilled. If you entertain often, consider remodeling a corner of your great room to accommodate a stylish bar and stools. You not only have easy access to beverages, but extra seating for your guests.

Outside lighting

Welcome your holiday guests with a well-lit sidewalk and entry. Lighting plays a big role in many aspects of your home: it will help accentuate the outside of your home, provide a welcoming entrance, and adds security measures to your property. Next holiday season your guests will love walking to your front door.

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