Design Build in The Process

Technology is everywhere these days, for better or worse. You read a lot of how it’s influencing construction and we agree it can help, especially in the visualization process. Although, we are not done with this specific project (2nd Story Addition) it’s coming along quite nicely thanks to a cooperative client.

This Second Story Addition located in Lakeside & SJB has been working on it for over 6 months now. Using our designer and the clients creative ideas we’ve been able to assess some of the 3D renderings before and after the job and they are looking pretty sweet thus far.

Note: Some details changed such as colors.

3D Rendering Living Room Perspective

2nd Story San Diego 3D Modeling
3D Model of Staircase and Hand Rail Prior to Demo.


second story after
Starting to Come Together.

Kitchen Design Build san diego

3D Rendering Upstairs Floor (Handrails)

3d render

Framing Out The Handrail

2nd story handrail
Second Story Handrail



Stay posted for more!


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