Four Great Ideas for Second Story Additions to Your Home

second story addition san diegoAdding a second story addition to your home can add value, personality and excitement to your home. While any homeowner can easily get excited by the possibilities available to them about additions, the process of actually deciding what your addition should be can be time-consuming and frustrating. While there are many options available for numerous types of homes, here are four great ideas for second story additions that can work with any home style and homeowner preference.

Storage Area

While a new storage area might be low on the list of potential additions, it is very practical. This is especially useful if you have children, love collecting or if you simply have a lot of items that tend to do nothing but add clutter to the house. While you may want to keep your items due to sentimental value or monetary value, clutter can make a house seem very cramped and stuffy. In addition, cluttered houses with no room for storage tend to become stagnant in their décor because homeowner's don't want to get rid of their old items to make room for new items.

Your storage area can also be a display area for collections and precious family items like photos and trophies. Your sentimental items can be displayed with pride and visited as often as you'd like instead of merely placing them in a box and only looking at them while cleaning.

Personal Office or Study

Personal offices and studies are perfect for people who need a quiet place to concentrate on work or schoolwork, especially in a house filled with various people and pets. A locking door, a desk, a computer and a bookshelf are all practically anyone needs for their own personal office. If you have the means, you can also easily convert your working space into a meeting area for your business. It's also a good idea to include an additional exterior entrance for more private and professional meetings as it may seem unprofessional to lead clients and associates in through your house.

Entertainment Room

A dream for many people may be a reality for you. An entertainment room or personal theater is an extremely appealing addition to many homes. You can tailor the room for your own personal interests by including a flat screen TV, entertainment center, a small arrangement of theater-styled seating, gaming consoles, surround sound, arcade games and more. It is one of the more expensive options, but it is also one of the most enjoyable.

Additional Bedrooms or Apartments

If you plan on extending your family soon or want to have an extra room for company, additional space can easily be converted to additional bedrooms. The simple addition of a bed, dresser and perhaps a small desk can easily convert any space into a viable bedroom.

In addition, you can also convert the space into an apartment and rent it out for extra money. If you have extra space in your home that you're not using, it's a great way to make some money.