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Design/Build Room Addition – What does it Involve?

There are a number of reasons why you may be considering a room addition or second-story addition for your San Diego home. Perhaps you have a new addition to your family on the way, need somewhere for guests to stay or simply require an office so you can work from home. Whatever your reason for considering a room addition or second story addition, you need to make sure you work with a reputable design-build contractor like SJB Construction that has experience in home remodeling in San Diego.

Here we will guide you through the custom design/build process to give you a better idea of the stages involved.

Initial consultation

After you have researched reputable design-build contractors in San Diego and have narrowed down your choice to a single company, they should offer you an initial consultation. Here at SJB Construction, we provide all prospective clients with a consultation with one of our in-house architectural designers. The point of this meeting is so that we can understand what the client is looking for in their custom design/build and work together to create the best architectural design to meet their needs and requirements.

No matter which contractor you go with, the consultation stage of the design/build process should not be rushed. We give clients as much time as they need to decide on their room addition / second story addition, after all it is a big decision to make!

All of our initial consultations take place at the client’s home so our in-house architectural designers can get a better idea of the space they are working with and provide clients a more accurate insight of their options.

Obtaining permits

Room addition service in San Diego

Before any construction can take place, whether it is a room addition or second story addition, it is important to make sure you have obtained the necessary permits. All renovations must comply with the San Diego code. Your contractor should remind you of the need to obtain permits and some will even apply for them on your behalf. Whilst we’re on the subject of keeping things legal, it is also essential that you check your contractor is licensed and insured before they carry out any work on your home.

Architectural planning

Some companies will send their architectural designers to the first consultation with an initial bid / price for the custom build, only to add on extra expenses later. This is something reputable contractors like us are not willing to do. Instead our architectural designers will go away and use 3D rendering software to create a mock-up of your room addition or second story addition. They will then organise another meeting with you so that you can check the plan and decide if you want to make any changes. Only when you are 100% happy will we talk figures. We are extremely transparent about our pricing and will provide a no obligation quote to ensure you are completely happy before committing to the project.

Assign On-Site Deliverables

The next stage of the design / build process for a room or second story addition involves assigning the timeline and contractors to remain consistent with flow of project. SJB Construction Inc. will oversee all of the work carried out on your home and will be your first point of contact for answering your questions. Basically they are there to meet your needs and requirements, monitor your budget, ensure your project is meeting time deadlines, and provide you with an excellent customer service.


During the build process of your room addition or second story addition in San Diego, you will need to have it inspected by the local authorities. Your project manager will be able to inform you when these inspections need to take place for your specific build and should also organize them on your behalf. A final inspection will also need to take place when the build process is finished, as according to San Diego code a project is not complete for legal purposes until it has passed the final inspection!

If you have any questions about the design/build process or are considering a room or second-story addition to your San Diego home, feel free to give us a call on 1-619-726-7692.