Planning – The second Step to getting Permit Approved

The division of land and the location is what planning focuses on.  Some rural cities have an issue where planning approval is required but the staff does not have the authority to give the approval.  Fortunately, San Diego is not one of the cities, nor are the majority of more populated urban cities.  If your new construction project requires a subdivision of land or the addition of built materials including parking services and other significant changes to the site, these changes must be approved before a planning board.

  • To streamline this process an SJB Construction Inc. recommends bringing a large site plan or handouts of the site plan that can be easily viewed showing the dimensions of the lot, the buildings, the trees and all boundaries involved in the scope of work.

Typical conflicts:

The relationship of the existing lot – keep in mind if you’re planning to build the board do not wish to negatively affect the street, neighboring properties within this proximity.  Easy access for fire and emergency equipment and visibility for oncoming motorists are basic musts if this project has a chance of approval.

Advice from an experienced contractor: Don’t be intimidated if you have a tailored blueprint or site plan that’s completely customized.  Just keep in mind to make this as clear as possible with all detailed dimensions proposed.

Another good idea is to bring photographs of neighboring properties and streets.  This will help give the board members a visual representation of your ideal project alongside the existing structures.  The thoroughness involved and showing good faith go a long way in these initial efforts.

Again, this is a part of the permit approval that is important for an experienced general contractor to do.  An experienced contractor has all previous county relationships and knows all the correct rules and regulations along with great assets to leverage if there are any hang-ups.