Construction management – Residential Remodeling

Construction management started with the development of huge commercial projects. Large construction companies would be delighted just to have a small portion of the work and were the executives did not want to pay a general contractor the standard markup of all the work involved.

This management approach was born with the notion of finding professionals who would work for a fee and manage a bunch of contractors, typically in a larger scale.

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With that said construction management is typically for commercial products.  However in residential projects this can entail a process where the owner provides plans and specifications.  The construction manager takes bids from subcontractors and suppliers.  The construction manager then reviews these bids with the client and the final say in choosing the correct subcontractors is made. This is a very difficult management approach to fulfill both from the clients end and from a residential home remodeling point of view and essentially extinct for that reason.

Why is construction management not suited for my residential room addition?

  • You are dealing with a lot of many middlemen.
  • If you have separate contracts with each subcontractor and that will be a big hassle.
  • The construction manager does not always bear liability for the work rather it is the individual contractors involved.
  • It may be difficult for the construction manager to control all subcontractors since he does not hold the purse strings.

Hybrid Approach is best

The best value for residential remodeling is a process in which homeowners are dealing with the general contractor but also can rest assured that the project is going smooth and deadlines are accurately met. Trusting in one general contractor to coordinate tends to reflect value in that they tend to know subcontractors very well, pricing and have more leverage than a hired on construction manager lacking more field knowledge and established relationships. Our advice at SJB Construction Inc. is to seek a remodeling company that offers a hybrid where you can rest assured your project is monitored while trusting in a lean team to actually go in and do the work versus pass the project off to various other silos.

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