Renewable Energy – What is it?

Without a doubt, solar energy is by far one of the best renewable energies that can be harvested. Renewable energy technologies can range from biofuels, to wind and hydro solutions but capturing the sun’s rays can solve a many energy problems.

PV Technology in Manufacturing Plants

Photovoltaics PV technologies use solar cells to convert light from the sun into power or electricity. Photovoltaic cells are created with materials that are semi conductive with their properties and in their most basic elements they are known to power everyday items like calculators and wrist watches. Now, photovoltaics are providing electricity to homes, buildings and manufacturing plants.

With direct sunlight photovoltaics are the most effective but even cloudy days can offer up power to photovoltaic cells. Dust on the panels and rail fall may cripple the renewable energy technology but the risk of these elements does not diminish the value of harnessing solar energy. Photovoltaics don’t really use the rays but from the electrons that are freed by interaction with sunlight and the materials in the solar cells.
There’s a myth that you must be a grand scientist to create your own renewable energy. The truth is many can create their own system with the right materials and the right guidance. Investing in photovoltaics will let people create an environment friendly power source. It does not pollute the environment and are very low maintenance.
Another renewable energy technology is passive solar power that will heat a home and offer light too. Home owners and business complexes are already engineering and tuning passive solar power. Windows that face outward to the sun are able to take in the heat coming from the sun and then let the heat dissolve slowly into power. Passive solar technologies aren’t a functioning part by any means, but are like using regular items on a structure and modifying these to take in heat.

What is Passive Solar Energy

Passive solar energy doesn’t just capture heat to create heat but it can also be captured to produce ventilation and cooling systems as well. Converting it to cooler air may be a little more extensive but passive solar energy is still an effective renewable energy technology to take advantage of.

One method to maximize on renewable energy technologies either passive or with photovoltaics is to create a structure big and long enough to face the sun at fifteen degrees. This direct angle to the sun will allow the rays to hit the surface to produce a strong enough element for power without sacrificing the integrity of the home or building itself.