Countertop Options: Marble or Laminate?

Countertop for kitchen San DiegoWhite marble is one of the most popular countertops right now. Out of every other countertop on the market, the white marble is sought after by so many. It’s been done quite well, over the years. While White marble is a favorite, there are pros and cons to using it. Below is a detailed account of the different pros and cons for the white marble countertop.


1) It’s a lot cheaper then some of it’s contemporaries. Look around and do some window shopping. You will find that white marble is one of the least expensive materials to use for your kitchen countertops.

2) It looks nice. When you see the pictures of it online, the images hardly do it justice. You need to see it up close and personal. White marble will add a brightness to the room that you never had before. It’s also a natural brightness. Other materials have to try harder, sometimes too hard. White marble doesn’t have to try, it just does.


1) One of the more obvious cons is that it stains. Nothing is perfect, not even white marble. If you leave something on the counter and it picks it up, you will have to work to get it out. You won’t have to spend all day on it, but you will need to use some elbow grease.

Laminate is another material that is used in the kitchen. It does look quite nice. Never underestimate the power of laminate. If you do use laminate, I have some tips on keeping up with the maintenance. As with any countertop, it does require some maintenance and laminate is no different.

1) Laminate countertops are non-porous. That means they won’t pick up the bacteria. This is a good thing. For this reason alone they are considered very low-maintenance. To clean the top, all you do is take a wet wash cloth and some mild soap. You can also use dish detergent, but make sure it’s mild. Once you have finished wiping it all down, wash it off. You need to clean up any leftover soap residue that is sticking to the surface. You will cause more damage to the surface by not doing this.


2) Dry it all off after rinsing. You don’t want to have any pooling going on.

3) Never use bleach. If you do, only use a small amount. Bleach will cause major discoloration to the surface, as would any strong chemical. It’s also going to cause scratches on the surface and make it look nasty. After that, you might as well get a new one installed.

4) For stains, use the 3:1 ratio. Take baking soda and water, mix into a paste. Smooth over the stained areas and let sit for about 5 minutes. Once done, smoothly wipe away the paste. Never rub, that will cause more damage to the surface.

To keep the laminate surface looking new, never put hot items on the top.

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