You are ready to Remodel – Getting Permit Approved – Step 1

Based on your location what you’re remodeling/building may require any of the following types of approval.  Although we wish to give the most accurate information on homeowners it is always best to use a professional general contractor vs. doing it on your own with less experience and risking a major headache/financial burden.  With that said here are the general steps/rules required to get your building permit approved.

Zoning – The First Step Involved

Your city/home has ordinances that apply to areas or zones, on the town’s map.  Some areas are zoned residential (such as homes) and some are commercial (such as business).  Not all eventualities are covered and so the zoning board hears owners seeking clarification or exception to these rules.  An owner may go before a zoning board for a variance granting relief from a particular zoning ordinance or to appeal the denial of a permit based on an interpretation of that area.  During this process is important to be patient as these things definitely can take time.  The zoning process also gets you on the municipality property tax roll.

Typical conflicts:

Adding an in-home business or to add a unit for my parents/in laws

It will be necessary to seek conditional use approval rating exception to the rules of property use.  You may also need to seek a variance on the number of dwelling units allowed.

Advice from an experienced contractor:

For any reason if you need to go before a zoning board before you can move forward with a project that a lot of its ease of Edinburgh as there is this a home that show that the data is imperative to stop all work and wait for the approval.  Don’t be careless and make the mistake of thinking that you can continue to build while this issue is pending.  It is not an easy task to bend the rules of zoning ordinances and it’s not always a grandslam.  The board will need a convincing reason to make an exception for you without setting a bad presence this is exactly why you are hiring an experienced a general contractor.

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