Sustainable Housing Options

With such vast changes in the world regarding environmentally friendly materials and thinking of affordable rates, it is no wonder why people are beginning to venture out and find new, innovative methods for sustainable housing.  There is chatter in urban communities that want to stay completely off the grid. There is also suburban homeowners seeking to differentiate their home or align with their values of environmentally conscious behavior.  Although this concept can be accomplished it always takes time to engineer a suitable home.  There are a few practical solutions for people to adopt to save money on energy costs.

Sustainable Housing Options

Solar power or photovoltaic technologies can be utilized by converting energy from the sun into efficient electrical energy.  Solar systems are practical not only for homes but also for businesses.  A simple solar system can harness enough power to charge a cell phone, lanterns, and even car batteries.  Think of what could be energized in the home, it’s likely to use this concept to power a heater or even a few lights in the home.

Briquettes – What are they?

Another practical solution for sustainable housing is to use heat.  Briquettes are a very effective source for heat.  It is friendly to the environment and it is cheaper than using coal or kerosene.  Wood burns way to fast and loses its heat, and it takes a lot of manpower to keep wood in stock.  A sustainable home can have heat with briquettes to keep the home warm in cooler months.

Hydro plants are used to generate power for sustainable housing.  The system can completely eliminate the need for commercial electricity if the hydro system is tuned correctly.  These systems generate energy by using water from streams or rivers.  They are effective enough to power small hospital clinics and street lights.  To use this system your home will need to be close to a fast-moving water source.

Wind Mills for Energy

The wind is a very simple method for generating power for any sustainable home.  Multiply your windmills by a dozen or so and you will really harvest a lot of energy.  The only downside is those days that aren’t so windy so adding many windmills to charge car batteries as an alternate power solution can save you a lot of headaches.

Scientists have yet to unlock the full capability of biofuels.  Biofuel is a cheap, readily available source to use as an alternative fuel.  Restraints are happy to have people haul off their sludge and grease, and this resource is available for sustainable housing.  It depends on the homeowner how they will convert biofuels into energy.